This pledge is a summary of the core principles of my Mental Healthiness philosophy. You can click through the links below or download a footnoted copy to learn in greater detail about the truthful principles that support each aspect of this pledge.

My Mental Healthiness Pledge:

I _________________________, make it my intention to develop and maintain a growth mindset, to be conscientious and open, and to be grounded in what is truthful and real, to pursue the following worthwhile goals:

To master my emotions (click here and here), utilizing them to better understand and express my needs, and to provide the direction and motivation to stay on the path of health and wellbeing (click here and here)

To aim for a life of meaning, engagement, and enjoyment, not for the sake of happiness but for the higher goals of healthiness, fulfillment, and life satisfaction (click here and here)

To develop my sense of “me” – through mindfulness, personal growth, competency (click here and here), and self-compassion (click here and here), as well as my sense of “we” – who I am relative to others

To develop my relationships through presence, time, a mutual responsiveness, vulnerability, kindness, empathy, and a willingness to repair

To live not just effectively, but authentically – in ways that make sense, feel right, and are based in truth – aligning the beliefs in my mind with the realities of the Universe (click here and here)

And to pursue these goals not as a checklist of accomplishments or as a destination – but instead with persistence and determination, as an imperfect lifelong journey of growth, wellbeing, relatedness, and authenticity

Ready to make the pledge? Are you willing to share your intentions with your friends and family? Post your public pledge in the comments section or share via the social links below. Then print a copy and post it some place where you’ll see it in the “real” world to help keep you on this imperfect, lifelong journey of mental healthiness.

download a copy here

download a footnoted copy here

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