UPDATED – Full Talk Here!

Why Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is best for children (and adults) / Happily Family Conference Fall 2017

Jason and Cecilia Hilkey from Happily Family and I have a historical and science based conversation as to why a social-emotional approach to parenting and education is best. We also discuss why a behaviorally focused approach isn’t.


Parenting (and working with kids) is a powerful positive force on our planet. How we treat kids day-to-day impacts their learning, their self-image, their relationships, our future and theirs. And yet, it’s a tough job that we get little support for.

But raising kids and educating them was never meant to be done alone so my friends, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, have created a tribe and gathered the “village elders” – including Daniel Siegel (Mindsight, The Whole Brain Child), Christine Carter of the Greater Good Science Center, Patty Wipfler the founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, Harville Hendrix/Helen Hunt (Imago Relationship Therapy), and me!

They are launching their fourth conference, to share cutting-edge brain science and practical tools that parents and professionals can use to help their kids foster social emotional intelligence and mindfulness, navigate friendships and feelings, and develop resilience.

It’s a whole conference dedicated to answering the questions: What do kids need to thrive? How do we help them acquire those skills?

And the Happily Family Online Conference is completely FREE.

Please join me for this important online event from November 9-13, 2017. You’ll hear over 25 experts offer effective tools to raise kids who are capable and compassionate.

Sign Up Here

This only happens for a few days each year. Come to learn, laugh, and connect with your tribe.

See you there!


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