My friends Jason and Cecilia Hilkey have been putting together these amazing online parenting conferences over the past few years. I’ve been privileged to be able to participate as a speaker in the past, talking about emotions, anger, empathy, and what both research and our experiences tell us is the best way to help our children grow to become healthy, thriving people.

I’m excited to be able to participate again, and this time we had a great conversation about what makes us uniquely human and how positive relationships lay the foundation for lifelong wellbeing. In our wide-ranging conversation, we talked a little brain science, about how self-worth is not the same as self-esteem, and even how positive relationships can positively impact how people experience mental illness.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: Registration for the Happily Family Conference is free – May 4 to May 8


Here’s some further reading to support the topics we discussed during my conversation with Jason and Cecilia:

The Science of Being Human: You Really Should Change Your Mind

Self-Worth: The One Idea That Will Make You a Better Person

The Impact of Positive Relationships: The One Choice That Changes Us All

Mental Healthiness and Mental Illness

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