The month of May is both Mental Health Awareness Month as well as Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month. It is also happening in the midst of all of us living through an unprecedented time, finding ways to struggle through keeping ourselves and others safe, dealing with the economic impact of staying at home, and experiencing the feelings associated with such drastic changes in our lives. On top of that, Asian Pacific Americans have been targets of racism because of scapegoating, false assertions of blame, and other people’s fear, anger, and hatred.

I had the honor of being on a panel hosted by The Gathering, a group associated with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, along with the esteemed Russell Jeung. Dr. Jeung has recently been featured in multiple media outlets as his organization ( has been gathering data on the hate crimes against APA during this pandemic. He is also a professor of Asian Pacific American studies and an author.

Please find the time to listen to this timely conversation that intersects APA history, APA experience, and mental health

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