Here’s the video of the talk I did at the conference. 

I speak with parenting coach and founder of the Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference Devon Kuntzman from a developmental and relationship perspective, helping to make sense of the challenges of the transition from babies to toddlers.

We discuss a broad range of topics, including how young children learn and grow, how toddlerhood fits into a lifelong developmental arc, and how focusing on relationships is more important than focusing on behavior. 

I’ll be one of 25+ parenting experts speaking at the upcoming Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference, hosted by Devon Kuntzman of Transforming Toddlerhood.

I’ll be sharing about why a relationship oriented, developmentally focused, big picture perspective on being a parent is best for our kids — especially in these early years of life.

Other headlining speakers include Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting and Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child.

The conference starts on November 7, is ONLINE, and it is FREE!

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