Update: Additional Resources

For my talk on Sunday 12/2, I’ll be speaking on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here’s some additional articles that may be helpful as a resource:

Needing Your Full Attention – Part 1

Needing Your Full Attention – Part 2

My friends, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, asked me and other “village elders” to help them lead a life-changing, global event–their 6th online conference.

They have created a tribe of mindful parents of “high needs” kids (and professionals who work with children) who come together for a few days online, from over 200 countries!

And it’s all for free.

This conference is for you if:

  • You have a sensitive, strong willed, bright, spirited, or special needs child in your family (or you teach one)
  • You want expert advice to guide your child to make friends, stay motivated, do their best and yet feel loved by you no matter what
  • You want to use connection and understanding to help your child manage their feelings and behaviors (rather than threats or bribes)
  • You are curious about when to have healthy boundaries and when to let things slide

It’s an event dedicated to answering the question: How do I help my child, and my family, to thrive in all areas of our lives? 

It’s called the Happily Family Online Conference. And it is completely FREE.

Please join me for this important online event. You’ll hear over 25 experts offer effective tools to raise “high needs” kids who are capable and compassionate.

  • Dr. Ross Greene (Author of “The Explosive Child”, Founder of Lives in the Balance)
  • Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (Author of “Raising Your Spirited Child”, Parent Educator)
  • Dr. Daniel Siegel (Psychiatrist, Author of the “Whole Brain Child” and “Aware”)
  • Dayna Abraham (Founder of Lemonlime Adventures, Author of “The Superkids Activity Guide”)
  • David Flink (Author of “Thinking Differently”, Leader for the Learning Rights Movement)
  • Dr. Lea Waters (Positive Psychology Researcher, Author of “The Strength Switch”)

and many, many more.

This only happens for a few days each year. Come to be inspired, reassured, and to get connected with others!

Image Credit: Shutterstock, Happily Family

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