Cindy Wang Brandt is a pioneer in the space of progressive parenting in the context of faith shifting from fundamentalist religion. She is the author of the book Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness and hosts the Parenting Forward Podcast. She is also the founder and moderator of the popular Facebook group Raising Children Unfundamentalist. In addition, she’s also my friend.

A while back we had a casual conversation in which I mentioned that conservative Christian parenting is often in opposition with mainstream mental health research. She latched on to that statement and asked me to come on to her show to talk about some of these things. It was a rich and nuanced conversation about none other than parenting and progressive faith. We also manage to talk about theology and science in the same breath. Sound fascinating? It was!

Click here to listen

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Cindy Wang Brandt will also be hosting the first of its kind Parenting Forward Conference, with a diverse panel of 20 plus experts, speaking on the intersection of parenting and faith, happening live and online September 2019.

PARENTING FORWARD CONFERENCE: Click here for more information and to register

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